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Here's what our clients say about our services:
"Working with Kim is a pleasure. She has excellence in a number of areas that make me want to go and take a nap.... just thinking about them. She is meticulous in collecting for all my services. She has an attention to detail and an ability to follow up that is admirable. This makes sense since I pay Kim a percentage of what we collect and... I keep feeling after 18 months that I am in a healthy partnership where my partner's skills allow me to focus on what I do best.... working as a psychologist and she will make sure that the money flows into my bank account. Kim helped me to get on every insurance panel that I wanted to get on. I get monthly detailed reports that inform our progress and our future strategy. We are consistently improving our effectiveness and efficiency. I am not an easy person to work with. I am demanding. Kim makes is look easy. And I know it's not."

-Dr. Erik Muten, Psy.D.

"For the first year and a half of my practice I did my own billing, but I noticed over time I was thinking about billing when I really didn't want to be.  I billed at night after seeing clients or sometimes on the weekends and it was certainly taking up more and more time, honestly, time I wanted be spending with my family and on my interests outside of clinical work.  I had a pretty good system, but I did miss things which cost me money. 

Working with Valley Therapy Billing was one of the best choices I made for the growth of my practice.  The cost of the service was more than made up for:  Kim kept track of authorizations so I never once lost money due to an expired authorization (she even sent me email reminders well in advance) and followed up on questionable EOBs with insurance companies.  Additionally, I felt like she cared about my business and was invested in its success.  Communication was very easy - either face to face in my office, phone or electronically.  I really can't say enough good things about Kim Girard and Valley Therapy Billing, I would recommend the services to anyone no matter what size practice."

- Laura Betts, LICSW

"I have been working with Kim at Valley Therapy Billing for close to two years. It took me a long time to finally reach out and get some help billing. I wrestled with the whole idea of “letting go” around billing even though it was taking up hours, causing me frustration, angst, as well as lost revenue. I finally made the call and met with Kim. I am so glad I did. Kim has been fantastic to work with. She really knows her stuff.

Kim met with me when we first started working together to learn about me, my business, and how I best work. She set up a system of billing and communicating that really works for me. She bills frequently so the turnaround time between session and insurance payment is quick; cash flow is more consistent now. She’s helped me with credentialing, authorizations, EFT payments, keeping up with insurance changes, tracking and collecting copays, and easily transitioning to new CPT codes in 2013!  The bottom line is I don’t have to deal with the endless details of billing and all of the frustrations that come with that and my collections have increased quite a bit since collaborating with Kim. I have more time to devote to patient care and leisure (so important in our line of work). To top it off, Kim is professional, smart, trustworthy, communicative, and delightful to know!"  

- Patricia Webber, MS, APRN

"Kim is the reason I was able to start a business. I kept stalling on getting my insurance applications done and she made it easy, accessible and possible. Everyone kept saying how long it might take to get on panels and having her help made it much faster than expected. Now I am on several insurance panels and am getting calls from lots of new clients! She is also very kind, understanding and good at explaining how it all works. I highly recommend Kim!"

- Kendra Rosenblatt, LMHC

"Kim has been invaluable to me in starting up my practice and navigating through the credentialing process with insurance companies. She is down-to-earth and both detail-oriented and timely when responding to my questions.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the credentialing process and has been forthcoming and honest in sharing her experiences and wisdom.  On top of that, her rates are very reasonable.  Kim has taken the stress and guesswork out of the process so that I can focus my time and energy on the clinical aspects of my practice.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!" 

- Dr. Elisa Gomez, PsyD

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