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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

For insurance billing, we provide the following services:

  • We use the weekly patient visit records you provide to create CMS 1500 forms and submit them to insurance companies.  When possible, we will submit bills electronically (and can help you set up electronic billing with some insurers) to provide for faster reimbursement. 
  • We follow up with insurance companies to manage any claim denials. 
  • We provide monthly reporting on co-insurance and deductible patient balances due.
  • We notify providers when treatment authorizations are required with insurance companies. 
  • Finally, we provide an accounts receivable report on a monthly basis itemizing insurance payments received against claims filed to ensure all payments are received in a timely manner.  

For insurance panel applications and credentialing support, we will meet with you to determine the panels to which you'd like to apply and gather the information which will be required to complete insurance panel applications for you.  Then, we'll manage the application process, completing paperwork and tracking the status of your application. 

For new private practitioners, and others hoping to grow their practice, we also offer consulting services to help grow your business and get up and running more quickly.

What is the process for setting up a new practice for billing service?

We will schedule an initial consultation to gather your practice information, working together so that this process will require minimal effort on your part.  Once we have your practice information, we will verify your insurance panel contracting with insurers as well as verify all patient eligibility and benefits information.  Finally, we will set up all patients in our billing software and are then ready to begin billing based on your weekly or billing logs.  Overall, the process typically takes a couple of weeks from the initial consultation.

How often do you bill insurance companies?

We bill bi-weekly, having found that this results in faster payment from insurance companies and avoids costly delays that monthly billing can cause. 

What are your Fees?

For billing services, there is an initial, one-time practice set up fee which is based on the size of the practice.  Afterward, we charge a percentage of the insurance payment and client responsibility, or, for smaller practices, we charge a flat monthly fee. 

If you'd like help with
credentialing and insurance panel applications, the hourly rate for this support is $45/hr (most applications take 1 - 2 hours).  Typically, your first client appointment, once the credentialing process is complete, will pay for this application support.
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